Old Harrys Game - Season 4

All episode titles this season are unofficial ones, as Radio Times didn't use titles in their listings.

4.1 'Knowledge & Ignorance' 29th March 2001 11pm; (Recorded 13 Feb 2001)
Satan debates with the Professor whether knowledge is always better than ignorance, and punishes a feng shui expert who tells him that his lake of fire is pointing in the wrong direction.

4.2 'Beautiful England' 5th April 2001 11pm (Recorded 13 Feb 2001)
Satan and The Professor argue over what it is to be English, whilst Scumspawn calls in Thomas to help crack a particularly difficult new arrival, a football thug who died after taking on rhino that was giving him a funny look.

4.3 'Health & Safety' 12th April 2001 11pm (Recorded 15 Feb 2001)
Derek the health & Safety Inspector arrives in Hell, and tells Satan that all those bottomless pits are a bit of a hazard you know... Meanwhile the Professor's wife Deborah is in a coma, and they go to see her. She briefly arrests on the operating table while the surgeons call their lawyers, and she is reunited with her husband, and Satan in the comforting guise of Liberace, but is persuaded to go back to the living.

4.4 'Poets corner' 19th April 2001 11pm (Recorded 15 Feb 2001)
The professor introduces Thomas to poetry, to help him become a better person. Thomas however can't quite get the hang of it, and Satan tries to prove to the Professor that poetry is a waste of space.

4.5 'Sleep' 26th April 2001 11pm (Recorded 17 Feb 2001)
Satan decides he wants to try sleeping (perchance to dream) in the hope that dreaming will be an escape from his existence as the Devil. After a little discussion with Freud and Jung, and a lot of effort, Satan succumbs to Freud's hypnosis and goes to sleep. Sadly, his first dream develops into a nightmare about The Fall.

4.6 3rd May 2001 11pm (Recorded 17 Feb 2001)
God is feeling a bit depressed and pops by for a chat with Satan, who persuades him to scrap mankind and leave Hell to it (taking him and the Professor back to Heaven with him). Sadly, the professor persuades God that he has much to be proud of, and knocks him out of his melancholia, the net result of which is that God changes his mind and leaves Satan and the Professor in Hell. Much to Satan's 'annoyance'. Meanwhile, Thomas gets off with a decidedly Essex-Girly, self-obsessed, Helen of Troy, while Scumspawn begins a rather more innocent and sensitive romance with her mate Daphne, despite his being a demon with ginger nasal hair.

Updated: March 2001