Old Harrys Game - Season 5

The plotline of this series revolves around Satan's space-management problems. Since God won't allow him more resources, or agree to lighten up on enforcing the Ten Commandments, Satan decides that no other option is open to him, except to go out into the world and encourage people to live better lives… despite his innate credibility problems in this field.

5.1 Moral Leadership 20th Sept 2005 6.30pm (recorded 29th April 2005)
Satan is under unprecedented pressure.
Humans are now so sinful that they are all coming to Hell and the place is full to bursting. The only way to stop the flow is to persuade people to be good - but that's quite a tall order for the Prince of Darkness.
With Philip Pope, Nick Revell, Michael Fenton Stevens and David Swift as God.

5.2 The Crusade 27th Sept 2005 6.30pm (recorded 29th April 2005)
Satan embarks on his quest to improve mankind and tries to enlist the help of the great religions of the world.
Big mistake.
With Philip Pope, Nick Revell and Michael Fenton Stevens.

5.3 Power Politics 4th Oct 2005 6.30pm (recorded 3rd May 2005)
Satan infiltrates the Whitehouse and the United Nations. Meanwhile, a dangerous subversive infiltrates hell.
With Geoffrey Whitehead, Hugh Dennis, Tony Maudsley, Felicity Montagu and Philip Pope.

5.4 I Blame The Media 11th Oct 2005 6.30pm (recorded 3rd May 2005)
In his final bid to improve mankind, Satan takes control of the media. Meanwhile, a deadly enemy tries to take control of hell. With Andy Hamilton, Jimmy Mulville, Robert Duncan.



The final line of episode 2 refers to Alastair Campbell as a government figure. Because transmission of this episode will not take place until September, it was necessary to record an alternative version of the scene, referring instead to Michael Howard. Andy Hamilton then joked that at the Producer's insistence they then had to record a third version referring to Charles Kennedy, just in case!

Updated: 15 Oct 2005
Thanks to Tristan Sargent & Nigel Hall for the advance info