Old Harrys Game - Christmas Special 2002

"Don't miss the return of Andy Hamilton's comedy in a two part special. Satan falls in love, meets Death and tries to get into Heaven." 2 episodes were recorded on Tuesday 17th December 7.15 p.m. in London (as always)

xmas02.1 'The Roll of the Dice' 31st Dec 2002 6:30pm; (Recorded 17 Dec 2002)
31st Dec 2002 11:30pm (R)
Radio Times : Satan embarks on a quest and encounters Queen Victoria, Harpo Marx and a highly intelligent bluebottle..

Satan is inexplicably smitten by the newest arrival in hell, a prematurely-dead young woman whose presence in the underworld is similarly inexplicable as she seems to have lived an utterly sinless life. She believes in God, too, so that's not the problem. Satan decides to resolve the matter...

xmas02.2 'Knocking on Heaven's Door' 1st Jan 2003 6:30pm; (Recorded 17 Dec 2002)
1st Jan 2003 11:30pm (R)
Radio Times : Satan's epic quest concludes as he meets Death, Davina McCall and St Peter and his rottweilers..

Satan and Hope go in search of Death, to threaten him with legal action. Meanwhile Thomas is painted to look like a zebra's bottom and delivered into the care of a pair of Crocodiles who have strong political views about Roald Dahl stories.

Updated: Feb 25th 2003