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Sat 23rd Oct 2021 02:40

Could anyone please help out with "Motherhood: Bump, Birth and Beyond" ep. 1, was on R4 Extra, 22 Sep.


Fri 15th Oct 2021 14:24

After I got an email from MF saying I hadn't used my site in a while, I figured it was time I shared something. I'm going to start adding the Charles Paris mysteries to it. I've started today with the two Francis Matthews ones:



Fri 15th Oct 2021 10:50

Hi all,

I'm trying to get in touch with Phineus, but the email keeps bouncing back. Can anyone help?!

Thank you



Thu 14th Oct 2021 21:07

I know this is outwith the normal confines but does any kind person have the episode of Russell Davies' R2 show The Art of Artists in which he interviewed Anita Harris? It was Series 4 Episode 6.


Thu 14th Oct 2021 08:19

Thanks as always


Thu 14th Oct 2021 08:12

All the Lucy Porter Stand-Up Specials, plus a few earlier bootlegs:
+++ sendspace.com/file/56bxal
+++ sendspace.com/file/8jcr0q

And, my daughter worked with her last week, and said she was as lovely as you would hope...


Thu 14th Oct 2021 03:45

Regarding the Lucy Porter link, I believe that the ones at the Archive are the first - In the Family Way (2018) - and third - Back in the Family Way (2021) - so the second one from 2019 - In The Family Way Again - is missing, if anyone has it.


Wed 13th Oct 2021 18:53

Harken all Just A Minute fans! You can rest easy, Episode 4 has been restored to us!

iPlayer has come to its senses and abandoned the strange renumbering of recent episodes. The current series is now listed as Episode 1 to Episode 6, sanity reigns again.


Tue 12th Oct 2021 08:36

Thank you Ned for pointing the way to Lucy Porter.


Mon 11th Oct 2021 09:45

Count Arthur Radio Show is back recording, yay. Tickets here..https://www.tickettailor.com/checkout/view-event/id/988691/chk/8298/?modal_widget=true&widget=true


Mon 11th Oct 2021 01:25


Thanks for the help, very much appreciated.

Nice to have help when it's the beep messing up. It supposed to be me not them *chuckle*.

Ned in Boots

Sun 10th Oct 2021 17:08

Steve, the 2 Lucy Porter specials are included in this collection of shows:


Sun 10th Oct 2021 16:51

Hello. Has anybody got the first 2 episodes of the 3 specials that Lucy Porter did in 2018 and 2019? In The Family Way and In The Family Way Again. Thanks.


Sat 9th Oct 2021 14:22

iPlayer is retrospectively re-numbering episodes (again)

I was surprised to find Episode 6 of Just A Minute, the episode due to have its first broadcast next Monday (11th), being offered on iPlayer. When played, this turned out to be last Monday's Episode 5, now wrongly labelled Episode 6. Furthermore, the episode prior to that has been renumbered as Episode 5 and there is currently no episode called Episode 4!

This retrospective renumbering seems to happen more and more now.


Thu 7th Oct 2021 05:47

Quick Comedy is here:


Wed 6th Oct 2021 23:12

Hey all,

BBC Radio Ulster has a new sketch show but even though it's radio, it's geolocked to the UK only.
The show is called "Quick Comedy", bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000zcn0.

Can anyone put episodes 1-4 here please.
(episode 5 isn't geolocked for some reason like 1-4)


Wed 6th Oct 2021 22:36

A Deadly Habit part1 is here:


Wed 6th Oct 2021 21:07

Thanks Liam for the list of Charles Paris. I'd missed A Deadly Habit and Episode 1 has gone from BBC Sounds.

If anyone has a copy I'd be forever grateful...


Sun 3rd Oct 2021 19:37

Thank you very much Old Soldier, coming to the rescue, once again!

All the Best



Sun 3rd Oct 2021 07:18

Stuart, ya a star !
Thanks sooo much ! The impossible is possible ! Ha !


Sat 2nd Oct 2021 20:07

Hi, Brokenviolin,
Longshots a speciality!
Don't think this has been on since 2015, hence the smaller m4a file from getiplayer...
Johnny Clarke, always fun.



Sat 2nd Oct 2021 17:01

howbrown you should get an e-mail from the site owner


Sat 2nd Oct 2021 10:39

It's a long shot, but does anyone have John Cooper Clarkes' Blast of the Century episode on Vorticisim ?



Sat 2nd Oct 2021 08:16


Here's the books:

1. Cast, In Order of Disappearance (1975)
2. So Much Blood (1976)
3. Star Trap (1977)
4. An Amateur Corpse (1978)
5. A Comedian Dies (1979)
6. The Dead Side of the Mic (1980)
7. Situation Tragedy (1981)
8. Murder Unprompted (1982)
9. Murder in the Title (1983)
10. Not Dead, Only Resting (1984)
11. Dead Giveaway (1985)
12. What Bloody Man Is That? (1987)
13. A Series of Murders (1989)
14. Corporate Bodies (1991)
15. A Reconstructed Corpse (1993)
16. Sicken and So Die (1995)
17. Dead Room Farce (1998)
18. A Decent Interval (2013)
19. The Cinderella Killer (2014)
20. A Deadly Habit (2018)

Books 1&2 were adapted in the 1980s by Simon Brett himself, naturally sticking almost exactly to the original texts, with Francis Matthews playing Charles, and Jennifer Hilary playing Frances (typically only in one episode per series, much like Maurice, I forget who played him).

Then in 1999, Bert Coules adapted book 2 as a single hour-long dramatisation with Bill Nighy as Charles, and Jimmy Chisholm as his solicitor friend/sidekick Gerald Venables (he appears in the first nine books helping Charles with his investigations but then disappeared without explanation).

Then in 2004, Jeremy Front started writing the ones we all know and love, with Nighy reprising the role, supported by Suzanne Burden and Jon Glover as Frances and Maurice, and occasionally Tilly Gaunt & Thomas Arnold as Juliet & Miles. Gerald Venables was never used, and his role incorporated into that of Maurice. The first of these is a one-hour special, the rest are the 4x30min series we're familiar with.

Jeremy Front has adapted:

1. A Series Of Murders (2004)
2. Sicken and So Die, 2006
3. Murder Unprompted, 2007
4. The Dead Side of the Mic, 2008
5. Cast in Order of Disappearance, began 29 January 2010
6. Murder in the Title, began 22 November 2010
7. A Reconstructed Corpse, 2012
8. An Amateur Corpse, began 5 December 2012
9. Corporate Bodies, began 25 June 2014
10. A Decent Interval, 9–30 March 2016
11. The Cinderella Killer, began 2 December 2016
12. Dead Room Farce, 23 February to 16 March 2018
13. Star Trap, 6 March 2019
14. A Doubtful Death, 22 May to 12 June 2020
15. A Deadly Habit, 3 to 24 September 2021

A Doubtful Death was adapted not from a book but from an unmade television script.

That makes 15 mysteries on the radio scripted by Jeremy Front, one other with Bill Nighy and two with Francis Matthews, making 18 in total.


Thu 30th Sep 2021 13:29

Dear all,
I don't know if anyone can help on this board (and please forgive me if this request is inappropriate), but my computer crashed and lost my login detils to Otr-plus. I can't see how to retrieve my password on the site and I can't seem to email any of the moderators. If anyone has any ideas, I would be most grateful.

All the Best



Wed 29th Sep 2021 22:44

Phil, here again is Ed Reardon:
(now in the same folder as Rich Hall). For free accounts, Gofile deletes member uploads following a period of inactivity.


Wed 29th Sep 2021 22:36

I am showing 18 series in my Charles Paris Collection tho a couple are single episodes


Wed 29th Sep 2021 18:00

Thanks Steve for series 41 of Quote
unquote' I have been looking for it for years


Wed 29th Sep 2021 14:18

Hi Michael Stevens. Thank you for the missing Quote Unquote series. I have series 41 here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/bsddog1176zn9/QUQ_Series_41 I only have afree account so it may disappear in 14 days


Wed 29th Sep 2021 10:35

Ha - Matthew Paris indeed!



Wed 29th Sep 2021 10:32

Hi Liam

I have 15 Charles Paris series - do you have more in your collection?

Agree that Bill Nighy is fantastic, but also liked Matthew Paris in the earlier ones...


Wed 29th Sep 2021 10:27

Hi Klarg

Could you please re-upload Ed Reardon Series 14, your link seems to have expired.

Many thanks in anticipation of more administrative assininity...


Wed 29th Sep 2021 00:40

Much appreciated, thank you!


Wed 29th Sep 2021 00:38

David, Rich Hall’s First 100 Days Breakdown is here:


Tue 28th Sep 2021 20:04

Would anyone happen to have Rich Hall’s First 100 Days Breakdown?


Tue 28th Sep 2021 03:50

Here is your missing quote unquote series


If you have series 41 I would like it very much


Mon 27th Sep 2021 21:43

Just heard the sad news about quote unquote. Does this mean that of the 57 series that those are the only you are missing?


I have your missing series


Mon 27th Sep 2021 18:02

Hello all. Having just heard that the next series of Quote Unquote is going to be the last I find I have some gaps in my collection. Does anyone have the following series please? 43/44/45/46 and 50. Many Thanks.