Old Harrys Game - Season 1

Episode titles are not official ones. Only season 3 received "official" Radio Times titles.
(T) indicates the episode in available on Cassette

1.1 'Introduction'23rd Nov 1995     (T)
Satan is fed up. "I'm bored of skiing across the lake of fire with a nun lashed to each boot. That's the trouble with eternity - it's so hard to set yourself targets."
The Professor and Thomas arrive in Hell, after Thomas kills the Professor in a car crash.

1.2 'Corruption' 30th Nov 1995
Can Satan convince the professor that all human beings are corruptible.

1.3 'Hero worship' 7th Dec 1995
The professor meets one of his heroes. Leonardo Da Vinci:

1.4 'Appearances' 14th Dec 1995
Satan's starting to feel self conscious about his appearance.

1.5 'Rebellion' 21st Dec 1995     (T)
Gary leads a demon rebellion against the Prince of Darkness.

1.6 'Redemption' 28th Dec 1995     (T)
Satan begs to be let back into heaven.
The Professor finally convinces Satan he shouldn't be in hell. He gains an audience with God, but has an argument with him, and ends up back in Hell; Which appears to have frozen over.

Updated: December 2000