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The music of the show

The main theme is "Resurrection" by Christopher Young, from his score for the film Hellraiser. The full, three minute version can be purchased either on the soundtrack, or on the compilation "A History of Horror", both published by Silva Screen Records.

The choral sting used to accompany Satan's arrival in most episodes is lifted from Jerry Goldsmith's oscar-winning score for The Omen, specifically the closing sequence of the most famous track, "Ave Satani".
This score is available on Varese Sarabande, though a suite including the relevant track from it can again be found on Silva Screen's "A History of Horror", though the original recording is the superior version.

The first series also included a brief linking theme which appeared to have been either borrowed from, or written as a pastiche of, a phrase from the main title to the "Bram Stoker's Dracula" score by Wojciech Kilar.

On the recent cassette release, some of this music appears to have been re-scored on the series 1 tape, most likely for copyright reasons - the use of music on spoken word recordings can often lead to difficulties like this, and may explain why there has been a marked and detectable change in the linking music used in the series as it has progressed.

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The Jill Dando problem.

If you listened to the first broadcast & the repeats of episodes 1 and 5 of season 3 you might notice a difference.To visit the surface, Satan has to assume a human form (obviously). When first broadcast, he assumed the form of Jill Dando.   After Jill Dando's murder on the 26th April 1999, this created somewhat of an sensitive problem to the BBC when it came to repeat the series in May 1999.

Not wanting to say that a recently murdered personality was Satan incarnate, the BBC took the probably unprecedented step of re-recording the references, just a few days before the series was repeated. With Jill Dando, being replaced with Gabby Roslin.

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Audio Files

You can sometimes get the files through some sharing services, but due to their nature, availability can vary!! For a further update, drop me an e-mither OldHarry [at] temples . me . uk


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