Old Harrys Game - Season 2

Episode titles are not official ones. Only season 3 received "official" Radio Times titles.
(T) indicates the episode in available on Cassette

2.1 7 April 1998 11:00pm
9 April 1998 6:30pm (R)     (T)
With human depravity on the increase, hell is becoming seriously overcrowded. Satan needs an assistant demon to help him cope.

2.2 14 April 1998 11:00pm
16 April 1998 6:30pm (R)     (T)
Satan recruits a new assistant - he's intelligent, he's devious and he's a dolphin, called Chuckles

2.3 21 April 1998 11:00pm
23 April 1998 6:30pm (R)
Satan takes Thomas on a tour of his life and recruits a keen new tormentor, the Emperor Nero

2.4 28 April 1998 11:00pm
30 April 1998 6:30pm (R)     (T)
Satan has trouble with a fundamentalist and Scumspawn has trouble with a pushy computer

2.5 5 May 1998 11:00pm
7 May 1998 6:30pm (R)
For centuries, scientists have tried in vain to work out the grand unifying theory behind the universe. Satan sits the Professor down and teaches him it.

2.6                                         12 May 1998 11:00pm
14 May 1998 6:30pm (R)
Satan instructs Scumspawn to perform the most gross and humiliating act of all time. Has the Prince of Darkness finally gone too far?

Updated: December 2000