Old Harrys Game - Season 3

Episode titles are "official" Radio Times titles.

Episodes 3.1 and 3.5 are listed as a and b episodes, to reflect the fact that the episode contains minor differences in references to Jill Dando and Gabby Roslin.

'This Thing Called Love'24 March 1999 11:00pm
6 May 1999 6:30pm
Love drives the professor to extreme action and Satan becomes concerned about his image on Earth.

3.2'Another Country'31 March 1999 11:00pm
13 May 1999 6:30pm (R)
The Professor is convinced that societies evolve and mature. Then Satan introduces him to Bill Clinton.

3.3 'A Four-Letter Word'7 April 1999 11:00pm
20 May 1999 6:30pm (R)
A new arrival persuades Satan to remake 'Casablanca' with Bogart, Bergman and a mutant alien.

3.4 'The Reasonably Fantastic Journey'14 April 1999 11:00pm
27 May 1999 6:30pm (R)
Satan and the Professor find a huge empty space in hell - when they enter Scumspawn's brain.

'The Beautiful Game'21 April 1999 11:00pm
3 June 1999 6:30pm (R)
Satan decides to hold a major football tournament - the Underworld Cup.

3.6 'The Final Reckoning'28 April 1999 11:00pm
10 June 1999 6:30pm (R)
God has heard that rules are being broken in hell and sends some archangels to investigate.

Updated: October 2001