Q: Why's it called "Old Harry's Game"?
A: "Old Harry" is one of many medieval name for Satan, and the "game" is the game he plays to lure unwary souls to the underworld. See Wikipedia - Devil Ref #1

Q: Where can I get OHG
A: BBC Radio Collection have released several lots of episodes
Alternately, several people have offered the unavailable episodes on the messageboard. see Here

Q: Why only some have the episodes been released for sale?
A: There appears to be no official reason, but presumably a balanced selection were required, introducing the characters and the situations, as well as more fuller episodes.

Q: Will any more episodes be released for sale?
A: Again there have been no official statements either way, but given that it still gets a prime slot on Radio 4, it would seem safe to assume that a selection from season 3 & 4 will eventually be released.

Q: Will there be any more seasons?
A: Possibly recordign in Feb 07 - see here, but then the series is now quite old in radio terms, and Andy Hamilton is as busy as ever with projects , so we'll just have to wait and see.

Updated: Jan 2007